Unlock your digital potential with our tailored marketing solutions

At Buddha Vibes Technologies, we ensure the best of digital marketing and performance marketing solutions for you. We help you with high quality traffic and high value acquisitions with our extrapolative analyses and strategic inputs.

Unlock your digital potential with our tailored marketing solutions

At Buddha Vibes Technologies, we ensure the best of digital marketing and performance marketing solutions for you. We help you with high quality traffic and high value acquisitions with our extrapolative analyses and strategic inputs.


We have a large team of enthusiast who invest themselves into your brand and conjure up the best ideas and stratagems. We always put your brand first.

Drive Brand Building

Handholding a brand into recognition is one of our fortes. We ensure to enhance and bring forth your brand into its deserved limelight by getting it into the attention of the right audience.

Analyses & Innovation

Knowing the audience is the foremost step for any advertiser. Why don’t you sit back and enjoy a cuppa while our professionals put their heads together and present the best permutations of the audiences for your brand. We are known to innovate the best ways to connect with them.


Trust us to handpick the best mix of inventories to kickstart any new launches to generate the maximum results.

Quality traffic

Focusing on quality, we have an unsurpassed eye for audiences. What you will receive is the superlative traffic from the most relevant sections of the population you want to target. Furthermore, our in-house and third-party fraud detection systems facilitate weeding out the junk and bot traffic.


When all is said and done, quality traffic is only one side of the coin. At the end of the day, it’s all about the ROI. We cognize the value of conversions along with quality traffic. It is ultimately the conversions that will domino-effect themselves into fetching ROI for your business. Hence, we bring our sound planning and strategizing to the table along with an unmatched expertise in influencing the highest ROI.

Let us help you conquer the digital world and reach new heights

We specializes in purchasing advertising space and time on various media platforms such as television, radio, print, and digital media. We work with clients to develop effective advertising strategies, negotiate ad placements, and optimize campaign performance to ensure that the client's message reaches its intended audience at the right time and in the most cost-effective way possible. We provide valuable insights into market trends and audience behavior, which can help our clients make informed decisions about their advertising spend.

Sculpting Success Through Trusted Alliances

Our repertoire of services includes all things related to performance and affiliate marketing, generating leads, optimization of your campaigns and quality assurance for all the traffic you receive.

Media Buying

We use the best Native ad platforms and programmatic ad buying across DSPs for your ads to always keep your brand in the spotlight.

Affiliate Marketing

Coercing performance through the best and exclusive affiliate partnerships.


Search Engine Marketing

Ensuring that your brand is always in view for your targeted customers.


Content & Social media Marketing

Crafting and disseminating interesting content about the brand and using social media networks to reach the right users to foster their interest in your brand.

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Why Us? 360 Degree Digital Marketing Company
We are well equipped to run your campaigns in over 200+ countries and many prominent regional languages. We know how to reach the apt audience across the globe.
Keeping up with the times, we have harmonized the good old funnel with the new, user-friendly practices. We customize the campaign funnel to drive a larger number of conversions.
We mean business. By that, we mean you can pay us for the conversions you get. That’s right! Not for impressions. Not for clicks. Conversions!
We can reach your target audience filtered by geographical locations, Operating System versions, Service carriers, Devices, keywords and more! Try us!
We are here to stay. You can trust us to give good quality traffic and leads that are subject to our fraud detection tools.
We can run your ad in these formats: Push Ads, Pop Ads, Native Ads, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Whats App and Telegram Promotions, Domain Redirect Ads, Search Engine Marketing, Bloggers and Social media influencers. The choices available to an advertiser are aplenty.
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We are unequivocally oriented towards goals and solutions that leverage your brand to its peak performance.
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We are here to augment your business with our extraordinary ideas and concepts with a perfect amalgam of digital marketing strategy, technology and creativity. We have what it takes for your brand to reach its coveted audience.

Look no further! Stay abreast with the latest in the digital marketing world with us. For all advertisers looking to magnify their digital scope, we provide the optimization partners you are looking for.

Our team of experts at Buddha Vibes have an excellent understanding of effective engagement. Be it a startup or an established enterprise, we have tailored, experiential and innovative solutions to all your needs. We help you penetrate the market and capitalize on our legacy in the digital space.

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Expectation Setting

We have a team that is adept at understanding your requirements and expectations and can offer strategic insights specific to you.



We understand your target audience. How? We are constantly and incessantly upgrading our knowledge base about the markets and their dynamism through research.



We come up with the best approach to meet our clients’ goals and expectations. Our strategies are unique and customized for each client.


Result Oriented

We deliver results and are proud to have accelerated many a brand to their desired results.

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